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Sunday, February 26, 2006

The last page of the GOSPEL tract

Some have requested it so I'll post it! The reason I didn't is because it is a personalized page; I plan to offer the tract to anyone who wants it and will personalize it to their needs (name, church, websites, etc.). That being said, here is what it looks like for the tracts I'll be giving out:

Please contact me at rincrast@yahoo.com or visit
http://wholecounsel.blogspot.com and let me know
what God has done for you! Also, I would encourage
you to come to church with me (or to find a good Bible-
believing church) and talk to the pastor about you new
faith and about being baptized. Church is critical for a
Christian (yes, that is what you are now!) to grow in
Christ and become more like Him. Start reading the
Bible regularly as well; you’ll be amazed at how
exciting it is now! The Gospel of John is a good place
to start. I would also strongly recommend a book by
Donald S. Whitney called Spiritual Disciplines for the
Christian Life, a book that has helped thousands grow
closer to Christ. You can find it at www.amazon.com or
at a local Christian bookstore.

You can get information about my church at
http://www.newlifecalvary.org or by calling 317-881-
5743. I look forward to growing with you in Christ, my
new brother or sister!

Sincerely in Christ,
David Hewitt (actual tracts will be signed)

Tract by David B. Hewitt, http://wholecounsel.blogspot.com
All Scripture taken from the HCSB version of the Bible


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