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Friday, September 24, 2010

Struggling With Sin?

Recently I finished reading John Owen's classic work on the putting to death of sin, entitled (in part) Of the Mortification of Sin in Believers. It is truly a wonderful work, one that every Christian should read for a simple reason: we all struggle with sin, and unless we are actively putting it to death by the Spirit, we will fall into it more and more.

It isn't easy reading; John Owen was absolutely brilliant, and he wrote in the 17th century. However, I assure you, it is worth the effort. You can get the book for free by going to the CCEL link I included above and download and print the book if you like. To whet your appetite for such a godly treatise, I am including a paragraph from chapter 11 in which Owen provides ways we can and must vigorously oppose sin, which he often refers to as lust:
Bring thy lust to the gospel, — not for relief, but for farther conviction of its guilt; look on Him whom thou hast pierced, and be in bitterness. Say to thy soul, “What have I done? What love, what mercy, what blood, what grace have I despised and trampled on! Is this the return I make to the Father for his love, to the Son for his blood, to the Holy Ghost for his grace? Do I thus requite the Lord? Have I defiled the heart that Christ died to wash, that the blessed Spirit hath chosen to dwell in? And can I keep myself out of the dust? What can I say to the dear Lord Jesus? How shall I hold up my head with any boldness before him? Do I account communion with him of so little value, that for this vile lust’s sake I have scarce left him any room in my heart? How shall I escape if I neglect so great salvation? In the meantime, what shall I say to the Lord? Love, mercy, grace, goodness, peace, joy, consolation, — I have despised them all, and esteemed them as a thing of nought, that I might harbour a lust in my heart. Have I obtained a view of God’s fatherly countenance, that I might behold his face and provoke him to his face? Was my soul washed, that room might be made for new defilements? Shall I endeavour to disappoint the end of the death of Christ? Shall I daily grieve that Spirit whereby I am sealed to the day of redemption?” Entertain thy conscience daily with this treaty. See if it can stand before this aggravation of its guilt. If this make it not sink in some measure and melt, I fear thy case is dangerous.

My God by His grace, mercy, and power in Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit keep us from sin and guide us to dwell in righteousness.



  • What sins did Jesus come to save HIS people from in Matthew 1:26 when he was announced by the angel to Joseph. The New Testament document was not known for 350 years. What sins did his people have that they had to be saved from?
    I care not about the wriings of man. For the most part not one of them wrote anyting about the reason Jesus came to Earth to die.
    In Jer 3:18 Jesus is marred but in Jer 3:8 he is divorcing his wife. The names of the two wives are given in Ex 23 He is asking for the bill of divorcement in Isa 50 the law of Divorcement is listed in Deut 24 and again Matthew 5. He was announced by the angel that he came to save HIS people from their sins as a group not the persnal level. Jesus died to be able to remarry his wife otherwise it would have been an abomination before his father. He was beaten by his father because he divorced his wife and by the stripes laid on him by the Roman soldiers the people of him were healed of their adultery Peter 2 Peter tell you what people he came for by quoting three passages out of the OT Hosea,Exodus, and Isaiah. James writes to the 12 tribes. the book of Revelation is all about the Hebrews only. The sins that the church struggles with is something that they created after the translators destroyed the invitation of the House of Israel being the ones invited out from among the gentiles.
    When Jesus dispatched his followers from the house of Judah in Matthew 28 he did not mention sins or repentance but teach them all things that I have taught you Baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirt. The word nation in verse 19 is incorrectly translated and should read to the righteous gentiles that were scattered by my father following the divorce.
    The invitation that was destroyed is Matthew 16:18 by orders of King James. He then forced them to make the rest of the text to be incorrectly translated. Their is no such word as church in the greek text and the word invited has never been translated 175 times in the NT for it they had it would have revealed the destroyed invitation to the house of Israel. Your church writers never write of the lost sheep of the House of Isral being the only people that Jesus came for, The father said in AMos 3 Aholah,you only have I known of all the families of the earth.
    Jesus only loves the children of his two wifes Aholah and Aholibah. Ez 23
    Deal with the sins of his people and the struggle with your own sins are unlisted except in the church.
    Go to my web page and read about Aholah and Aholibah and the reason Jesus had to die for Aholah. Read about the ethnee and the ekkleesian and the word invited that has never been translated.


    Your friend
    Jerry Collins

    By Anonymous Jerry Collins, at Monday, May 21, 2012 12:32:00 AM  

  • Jerry, you are speaking a lot of nonsense. If you continue coming here and promoting yourself then I am going to begin deleting your comments. If you would like to have a discussion about a particular post that is completely relevant to that post, then fine, but if you wish to run off and claim that Jesus never came for Gentiles (which is blatantly false) then these comment threads are not the place for it. Please feel free to send me a private email. My address is listed in the side bar.

    By Blogger David B. Hewitt, at Monday, May 28, 2012 6:59:00 PM  

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