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Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Brief Interruption

.....or perhaps not so brief. :) The discussion of the Atonement has come up a lot lately on this blog and in discussions I've had elsewhere, and I wanted to put up a link to this PDF file that contains some interesting items.

I have some difficulties with a few items on the list, though I do think there are some good points made... but I was hoping to garner some discussion here in the comments section of this blog post. In essence, I'm thinking through this and I need some help.

Anything said in favor of or opposed to something, if it is to be taken seriously, needs to be backed up with biblical exegesis. Philosophical meanderings, in and of themselves, don't really help and cannot provide correct interpretations unless the Scriptures lend to said meanderings. :)

So... comment away!



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