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Friday, December 22, 2006

Criminal Mishandling of the Word of God by Rome

Strong words, but there is more to them than just a title or an eye catcher. Recently, James White completed his work on his latest book called Pulpit Crimes, which I have had the privilege of reading through already. It is an excellent work, though I suspect that many will be offended by it. The reason is that it makes its arguments from the sufficiency of Scripture, and anyone who is not willing to take the Word of God seriously at all times in all ways will not appreciate the book that Dr. White has put together.

With that said, one example of such a person who mishandled the Word of God in a rather cavalier manner is one of Rome's leading apologists. I read this article on Dr. White's website recently that addresses a rather glaring instance of what appears to be common play in the world of Rome.

Don't take my word for it; I'll let you read it to come to your own conclusions. :)




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