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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Something Worth Noting Related to the SBC

I'm a Reformed Southern Baptist. I suspect I always will be a Southern Baptist, and I thank God for the rich theological heritage associated with it.

There are definitely issues in the SBC though, and various blogs around the net have taken them up, most notably Founders. However, a man by the name of Gene Bridges has posted an important article analyzing a recent sermon by Dr. Malcom Yarnell of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary on and issue related to Baptist Theology. You can find it at this link, and you'll find a comment of mine at the end of it. It's a lengthy read (the article, not my comment), so be ready to spend some time on it if you DO choose to read it, but it will get the gears in your head turning. I also hope it will get your knees to the ground in prayer.

May God Receive the Glory.


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