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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Roman Catholic Controversy

     I just finished reading The Roman Catholic Controversy by James White. It's an excellent and thorough analysis and refutation of many Roman Catholic doctrines and a presentation of the biblical position on many of the same issues.

     I have to admit though -- the book made me a little angry. It wasn't because of what Dr. White said in the book at all; in fact, I thought his presentation to be wonderfully thorough and his analysis and argumentation to be biblical. I am glad he wrote the book and glad that I read it. What made me angry was the thoroughly unbiblical position that Rome takes on so many issues, even creating doctrines that are completely foreign to the Bible's teaching (such as Marian devotion, purgatory, indulgences, etc.). I'm also a bit frustrated that I didn't research this information years ago when it would have been incredibly helpful in talking with my brother. Perhaps God will grant us some good conversation in the future.

     In any case, I highly recommend the book for anyone wanting to see what the differences (and they are critical) between Rome and the Bible are. Further, if you have Roman Catholic friends who you have been talking to about the Gospel, and who think that their church's doctrines truly are biblical, this is a book you should get for them. Dr. White is not antagonistic in his presentation at all, and his conclusions are inescapable.

For the Glory of Christ,
David B. Hewitt

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  • Great book. It validated many arguments I had figured out on my own. It really would have saved me a lot of trouble if I had come across it sooner. Plus Dr. White knows far more about church history and RC doctrine than both of us put together. That makes the book very useful.

    By Anonymous Howard, at Wednesday, June 27, 2007 12:42:00 AM  

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