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Monday, August 20, 2007

Thanks be to God.

It is such a blessing to see God providing.

Some of you reading this are aware that I am still without a job. So far we are holding out, and I know that God will continue to meet our needs. How He does so, however, is truly amazing, and it brings many a tear of thanks to my eyes to see it when it happens.

At church this past Sunday, one of the men asked to see me for a moment. He then handed me a large number of Kroger gift cards. We went shopping today and I found out that they are also good at the gas pumps out in front of the store. So, my family has money enough to eat for over another month and also to put gas in the car, just because of some gift cards.

Thanks be to our AWESOME God, who meets all our needs in Christ Jesus[1].



1. It's also worth to note that this is just the latest in how God has met our needs. Others from our church have been blessings as well to be sure, but this last one I guess added enough weight to prompt the post. Praise be to GOD in Christ for His provision.



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