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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The GOSPEL tract is available for download!

Now you can download your own copy of it in PDF format if you like. You'll have to write in your own church information and sign them of course, but feel free to duplicate them as you wish!

Here is how it works. You'll need to make a double sided copy of it. Then, cut it in half the SHORT way. Then, take the P and EL section and place it OVER the G and OS section. The title page and back should be on the outside now.

Then fold them together and staple the left side of it in two places right along the edge. You would have created a four page document. It should also read in order of the presentation found here. :)

Click here to get yours! The fileserver I use is free, so there will be a page on your way there. I in NO WAY am supporting anything that File Lodge links to, and even object to some of it. I wouldn't recommend trusting anything on the way there -- other than my tract or anything else I put there myself of course. :)

I hope you find it useful in communicating the Gospel to people!

Dave Hewitt


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